Melbourne part 3, Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria!

Melbourne part 3, Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria!

If you were to look at my phone, you would probably find a good 500 pictures purely of nature; plants, trees, flowers, leaves, ponds, the ocean and green sceneries. I am obsessed! I feel close to God in many instances, but when I am consumed by nature, surrounded by it, observing it, sitting or walking in it silently, admiring its beauty, listening to the quiver of the leaves in the wind, the birds chirping, the crashing of the waves, or a disturbance in the bushes - just me and my thoughts - that’s when I always feel engulfed by Him.

Adelaide Himeji Garden & Watching the Sun Set

At first, it seemed like the sun had no intentions of setting. It descended the night sky quite slowly. However, once it hit the sea line, it seemed as if the sun was in a hurry to disappear. It was so cool to watch the sun, this bright white light in the sky, gradually change to yellow and then a bright orange while it was ducking beneath the sea line for the night. I think my favorite part might have been how the sky changed after the sun had vanished. It was like God had taken His water color paint set out and was using the sky as His canvas. It was beautiful! He’s painted how many hundreds of millions of sunsets? Yet they always seem to capture our eye, and never look the same!

Off Day Vibes Part 1, Bumbunga Lake

The second thing I noticed was the texture of the ground as I walked closer to the lake. It didn’t feel like sand, and the hard crunch under my feet reminded me of winters spent trekking through hardened, packed snow.  Except, it obviously wasn’t snow – it was salt. In some of the photos I took you can see a faint pink color but…