Off Day Vibes Part 3, Port Noarlunga


The drive to Port Noarlunga was about a 2 hour, 15 minute drive from Mintaro maze, as I had to drive south past Adelaide to get there. When I arrived, I was fortunate to find parking because, surprisingly, it was pretty busy in the area. 


What immediately caught my attention was the contrast between the blue water, smooth brown sand and the red rocks that formed a wall along the shore.  It was so pretty! When I looked out at the pier, it seemed very busy to the left, so I decided to venture right where there were less people. I took off my shoes and socks, and then walked along the shore, allowing the incoming tide to soak my feet. It was a peaceful and lovely walk, just me and my thoughts, the sounds of crashing waves and the hum of people in the far distance.


During my walk, I noticed a few people snorkeling and wanted to join them, but I hadn’t worn a swimsuit that day. To top off my night, I ordered fish and chips from a restaurant on the pier. It was so good!!! I sat, ate, enjoyed my view and watched people for a bit before deciding it was finally time to head home. 

Considering all the places I visited today, I must say that I enjoyed my day off. I got to see a lot of nature, ate good food and had a lot of time to myself to think.  I was also made a few shades darker by the Australian sun. Playing overseas, I have always enjoyed my own company (I am an introvert) and traveling solo. I can go to all the places that I want to see in my preferred time and not feel rushed or like I am waiting on others. The key is to be smart about it, so I always travel with two phone chargers. I always send and share my location with my family and friends, and I do my exploring while the sun is up. 


Today was a great day!

Are you like me and enjoy traveling solo, or do you prefer to travel with others?

Thanks for stopping by and God bless,