Botanic Gardens of South Australia


Recently on a day off, a few of my teammates and I decided to check out the Botanic Gardens of South Australia. I must admit that, as I have gotten older, being in nature feels spiritual to me. It may be that the artist in me appreciates the effortless beauty that is nature. Or, it could be because I feel like God is showing us He is here and present through his thousands of different kinds of plants; from the endless colours of the flowers, the numerous shapes of the leaves, the variations in smells (good and bad), and the uniqueness in every single tree. Or maybe it’s simply the fact that the older I get, the more I appreciate the simple things in life. Then again, calling nature ‘simple’, almost seems like an insult.

Below, is a collection of photos and my (weird and random) thoughts of the beautiful, unique, and/or odd plants I came across during my visit. Like always, the pictures don’t do any justice to the real life beauty of these plants. But for iPhone photos, they’re not too bad!

Roses are red… and pink, and white, and purple and gold. If you want to see a rose in virtually every colour, all you have to do is take a stroll through the Adelaide International Rose Garden. This garden displays over 2500 roses and is a rainbow made of petals and stems!

The inside of an Iris, this flower is stunning.

The inside of an Iris, this flower is stunning.

As a kid, I didn’t have a favorite flower. Although I could appreciate their beauty, flowers meant bees and I don’t do bees! However, I loved seeing paintings and drawings of the Calla Lilly, and it’s simple yet odd shape. It doesn’t look like a typical flower, so as a result, it became my favorite flower. At least it was until I came face to face with Irises. What first caught my attention was the softness in the color, a pale yet vibrant purple. Then when I got closer I was intrigued by the shape. It was as if the flower was playing shy or trying to be modest. Some of the petals hang low on display for the world to enjoy, but the top petals fold on top of itself. When I opened one up, it revealed three smaller petals inside. Just beautiful.

Amorphophallus titanum, aka the titan arum aka the corpse flower. Hold your nose because this plant stinks!

Amorphophallus titanum, aka the titan arum aka the corpse flower. Hold your nose because this plant stinks!

We were also exposed to the Corpse flower, yes, you read that correctly, the Corpse flower. It doesn’t look like a flower in my opinion, more like a giant fruit. It may not be the most vibrant or prettiest flower around (in its current state pictured above) but it certainly gets your attention. Not only is it a fairly large flower, but it has a terrible stench. I wonder if maybe that is where it gets its name? I will admit, after seeing a picture of the corpse flower when it is in full bloom, it’s actually quite elegant. The bottom leaves fall open revealing a vibrant maroon/reddish colour. When it is in full bloom, thats when it looks most like an actual flower.

For every flower, there were just as many types of leaves! I love big tropical leaves. In our home (well technically my parents home), they have fake versions of the Split Leaf Philodendron and the Banana Leaf. I think it adds life to our family room. I also love seeing prints or drawings of the Fan Palm Leaf, Japanese Aralia and Royal Fern just to name a few. Whenever I see them I think of warm tropical weather, sandy beaches and relaxation. Maybe thats why I like them so much, it reminds me of peace and tranquility. I took pictures of the bold green leaves that captured my attention in the Botanic Garden.

There was so much beauty on display throughout the garden. I saw the typical plants like lily pads and palm trees, fury and velvety looking plants and a bridge covered in jasmine (which smelled amazing!) I also admired the giant trees, whose branches are full of history. Maybe I’m the only one that thinks like this (I’m weird and proud), but if trees could talk, I imagine the stories they’d share, the history that they have lived through and witnessed, and the wisdom they could give.

While there were some odd and interesting looking plants in the Botanic Garden, to me they just further showed that God is the ultimate creator. Some may not agree with my sentiments, and thats A-OK, but it’s hard not to believe in God, or even a higher being when you’re in mother nature. All of these different living, growing, beautiful plants and animals, living in perfect harmony with one another are a constant display of God’s greatness. We humans could certainly learn a thing or two from nature.

I had a great time at the Botanic Gardens of South Australia. I was there with my teammates exploring, admiring, taking pictures, chatting, and just enjoying our surroundings. We didn’t see everything, so I will have to make another trip as the grounds are pretty big. It’s free to the public, and there are areas where you can sit and relax, and areas where you can take a stroll or run if you want to be more active. If you ever make the trip to Adelaide Australia, I highly recommend the Botanic Gardens of South Australia, you will not be disappointed.

What is your favorite flower, or the weirdest plant you have ever encountered?

Thanks for stoping by and God Bless!