TBT: Russian Hotel Adventures

As I was cleaning out the camera roll on my phone, I came across these three gems.

This first picture (above) is of a hotel room in Russia, and yes ladies and gentlemen those are the beds. While traveling in Russia I quickly noticed a common theme: the hotel rooms and beds are pretty small. 

Now to the averaged sized person, this may not be a problem. But seeing as I'm a foot taller than the average woman, I tend to notice these things.  When I laid down on this bed, I did not fit, my feet actually hung over. Thankfully, I tend to sleep in the fetal (wish) position with my legs bent, so my feet stayed warm under the covers throughout the night.

Typically speaking the rooms in your average hotels are not that big, which I understand, they don't need to be. A hotel is basically the place where you're laying your head down and bathing while in a different city away from home. The rooms all contained the same basics you would find in an American shared hotel room, two (mini) beds, two (mini) night stands, a desk, a chair, a tv (sometimes), a bathroom and most important, WIFI. Some even had the occasional mini fridge, it was just condensed into a smaller package.

My teammates and I always had a good laugh though when the beds were placed extra close to each other (pictured above), talk about no personal space.  At least if one of you tosses and turns a lot while your sleeping, instead of falling to the floor, you'll roll right onto another bed!

Another thing I noticed was that it was normal to not find an outlet near your bed. Call it convenience, laziness, or this new era we are living in, but at night most of us like to charge our phones near the bed so that we have easy access to it in the morning. In Russia, you don't always have that option, but on the rare occasion you do find an outlet next to your bed, it's always a win!

To understand this final photo in the amusing trio (picture above), I need to explain something that happened to me my first year playing in Russia. A lot of the hotels have very small elevators where, in my opinion, allows for a maximum four people to fit comfortably. But no, my Russian teammates would pile themselves into the elevators with no apparent concern for my life, or theirs!

One day after a team film session, three of my teammates and I got into the elevator to go back to our rooms and the elevator got stuck! The doors wouldn't open, the elevator wouldn't budge, nada, we were sitting ducks! To make it worse, we were the 4 four biggest girls on the team, and the light in the elevator was so hot that we started sweating. What felt like eternity - and my iminent death - was probably only 25-30 minutes, but it was hands down my worse experience in an elevator.

When they final freed us, I decided from that moment on that if we were staying on the first 4 floors I would take the stairs (luggage and all). If we were on a higher floor I would make it a point to not let a number of people get on the elevator with me. Now back to the picture, I was one of the first people on the elevator (my first mistake) so when my teammates decided to all rush on with me, I had no chance of escape. They all wanted to take a picture of how we all managed to fit in the elevator but, as you can see by my face, I was having no part in that. Thankfully, the elevator did not get stuck, but I learned a very important lesson: always get on the elevator last... or just take the stairs!

Do you have any cool or interesting experiences with hotels overseas? If so, please leave your experiences in the comment section below.

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