Fiesta Texas Medals

I was recently blessed with a cool opportunity that allowed me to combine my love of art with my love of basketball.

Every year, different organizations come up with designs for a Fiesta Texas medal that best represents them. 

This year, the San Antonio Stars asked if I would be interested in designing their 2017 Fiesta Texas medal and obviously I jumped at the opportunity!

Below are the five medal designs that I came up with. My goal was to incorporate the San Antonio Stars, 'Fiesta' and the San Antonio colours in each design.

Be sure to vote for your favorite!

Be sure to vote for your favorite!

As much as I enjoyed creating all of them, there is one that is definitely my favourite. And now you have the opportunity to choose your favorite as well. Voting is now open on the San Antonio Stars website to decide which medal will be created!

Let me know below which medal you chose! 

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Thanks for stopping by and God bless!