White Out

As a Canadian, I've grown up absolutely loving the snow. I grew up in Ontario, living in both the Toronto area, and further north in Barrie where the snow could pile up past your knees! I would play in the snow for hours as a kid, building snowmen, sledding, and, much to the disapproval of my parents, eating the snow when they weren't looking. If this doesn't show my love for winter, the fact that I attended Syracuse might. It is one of the snowiest cities and campuses in North America! So when I decided to go play professional basketball in Russia for two years it didn't surprise anyone. One morning, as I was leaving my apartment for practice, I was completely blown by what greeted me outside.

For starters, it was absolutely freezing, -18 (shockingly I've experienced colder in Russia). But after I got over the initial shock of the wind (that I'm certain was determined to freeze my face and hands off), I was blown away by the absolute beauty! It was so cold outside that ice had formed on the tree branches, turning them into icicles, and when the sun hit, the sparkle was mesmerizing! On top of that, the fresh snow on the ground and the white skies made outside look so bright and peaceful. After taking the time to admire the visions in front of me, I took some pictures to remember it. During that moment all I kept thinking was what a true artist God is. The world is his canvas and his creativity is endless. If you just take the time to look around you, your surroundings, the nature, even the people, you will be able to see God's artistry... oftentimes it's in the simplest things.

Thanks for stopping by and God bless.