Venice, Day 2

Day two in Venice was definitely one for the books. Today I was able to visit the Islands that I had read about online, Murano, Burano and Torcello.

On my way to the vaporetto near Piazza San Marco square I saw a couple on a bridge who were attempting to take a selfie. They were trying to capture the water and buildings behind them but it wasn't going so well. I offered to take the photo for them, for which they were extremely grateful. And, you guessed it, this couple was French as well! I was definitely putting my minor in French to great use this trip.

First Stop, Murano!

Murano was about 40 minutes from Piazza San Marco. Upon arrival, I saw 3 men working near a furnace making glass through an open side door. Wanting to see the action up close, I entered through the main doors of  a beautiful glass shop. The creations were spectacular: there were a variety of vases, animals, light fixtures, jewellery and more. I asked the owner if I could watch the glass blowing in the back, and he kindly acquiesced. As I watched the orange glowing blob of glass turn into a beautiful blue vase, I was fascinated! In another shop I was able to see a glass blower create an intricate horse, complete with a flowing tail, detailed hooves, and legs kicking in the air. As I was watching these glass blowers at work, the French couple from the bridge walked in. Throughout my stay on Murano island we would continue to bump into each other and have pleasant conversations. In the end, I purchased a pair of glass butterfly earrings from a lady that had her own little shop and work station.

Next stop, Burano!

If you have seen the pictures, you know that Burano is known for it's colorful homes and buildings and lace. Every single building was painted in a bright and vibrant color, and very rarely did you see two of the same colour houses beside each other. I thoroughly enjoyed walking the streets of this island; the colours created such a peaceful and happy atmosphere despite the light showers that passed through. While here, I ate lunch at a cute little restaurant where I ordered their carbonara. The sauce was a yellowish hue from the egg they used, which was unlike the white sauce I'm used to in Russia and North America. Despite the variation, it was superb. Afterwards, I popped in and out of different shops buying myself treats such as cookies, more gelato (of course!) olive oil (while in Italy!) and more hot chocolate. Before I left Murano, the art lover that I am, I couldn't resist buying two pieces from a man that owned an art shop with his son. 

Last stop Torcello!

Trocello is actually older than Venice and was considered a very important island during ancient times before malaria affected the population. As a result of the Malaria outbreak many died or left. Now, it is known for its spectacular Byzantine mosaics, the Cathedral of Santa Maria Dell'Assunta, and its status as a nature reserve. Unfortunately, because I was there during the winter time, there wasn't much greenery for me to see. Regardless, it was a very peaceful island to walk around, admire the sights and buildings and get lost in my thoughts.

Day two in Venice did not disappoint! But I feel like the time is flying by way too fast!! Only two full days left, so check in tomorrow to see what I get up to next.

Thanks for stopping by and God bless,