Painting Skies

On my way home for Christmas, I had a lovely 10 hour flight from Moscow to New York City (where I would then catch a connecting flight into Toronto). Luckily I had two emergency exit seats all to myself, so there was plenty of leg room! During this flight I spent the majority of the time with my nose in my bible and journal. I was eager to learn as much about God as possible, so I spent the time reading then writing... then reading and writing some more. Because I was sitting at the window, I would take the time to occasionally glance at the view outside. There is something beautiful yet frightening about being 30 000 feet above the earth, so much closer to the sun yet still so far away.

Each time I glanced outside I noticed that the sky was different. The colors of the sky changed, or the shapes of the clouds had transformed. Every time I thought that I had seen the prettiest view, the next one would be even more awe-inspiring. It made me think that maybe God was showing off just for me, and I enjoyed the views even more so. I tried taking some pictures but obviously they don't do his creation any justice. Nonetheless, I wanted to capture the moment and share them with you! We serve a mighty, powerful, gracious and creative God, and He is constantly showing me His greatness.

Thanks for stopping by and God bless!