Calming Sea

It will always amaze me how I can start in negative 20 degree weather, fly for four hours and end up in plus 20 degree weather. Our team this year played in both the Russian league and Eurocup so we had the opportunity to travel to other countries to play. One place we traveled, where I had never been, was Israel! While in the city of Ashdod, we stayed at a hotel that was literally a 5 minute walk from the water. One morning before shoot around my teammate and I decided to go to the water since we wouldn't have a chance after the game.

As we made the short journey in the beautiful weather, we enjoyed the expanding view and rising sounds of splashing water. The water and sky were absolutely stunning; both a mesmerizing blue. In Russia the skies were mostly white and grey skies to match the falling snow, so it had been a while since I saw a sky that blue. 

As I made my way closer to the water I couldn't get over the abundance of it all: the tide going in and out, the coolness of the water, the softness of the sand, and the Mediterranean Sea that seemed to go on forever. It immediately reminded me of God's infinite greatness. In all His glory, He created this beautiful world, and all the seasons and varying landscapes for us to enjoy. To know that He knows how many grains of sand cover the earth, how deep that water is, how many sea shells cover the ocean floor and the intimate way he knows each person on this earth completely blows my mind!

I don't think our worldly brains will ever truly be able to understand or grasp all of His wonder. In that moment, all I could do was thank God for the opportunity to see all his beauty around the world, and then, simply enjoy it. 

Thanks for stopping by and God bless!